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 Boston Acquisitions markets to and deals directly with property owners who are interested in selling their property.  We specialize in purchasing multi-unit properties, commercial properties, and single family homes.
  We review all options that the seller may have and help them arrive at the best approach to selling. Every sellers situation can be different from the next.
  Certain owners may want to avoid paying high capital gains and defer the taxes until a later date by using the 1031 tax exchange method and purchase a larger like kind property.    Other owners may have had their property for a long period of time and feel its time to sell and enjoy the equity they have earned and retire comfortably.
 Some sellers may have fallen on hard times and need to cut their losses and unload a property quickly.
 Whatever their situation, we provide them the easiest, best, and most feasible solution to their specific need.
   Private sales are what we do best. This can benefit the type of seller that may not want the neighbors to know their business. Boston Acquisitions will respect and maintain your privacy throughout the purchase. This is a huge benefit with multi-unit properties because it can prevent a mass exodus of tenants since some tenants may leave if they become aware that the building is being sold.
  We welcome all Real Estate inquiries and if you have an unordinary situation, we are constantly in contact with owners, brokers, and investors who can help fix any situation.

   Please contact us with any of your Real Estate needs.


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